If this is the first time you use our theme, you please click on Install theme button to install our theme into your Magento. If you have more than one store view in your Magento, please select store view at ‘Current Scope To Activate’ before clicking on ‘Active’ link. Clicking on ‘Active’ link of them which you want to active or ‘Deactive’ link of theme which is activating

On theme manager screen of our theme, if you want to active or deactive theme, follow these steps

Step 1: Go to EMThemes > EM Themes Manager > [select theme you want to active or deactive]

Step 2: In theme manager panel of theme, you can see a list of currently installed themes and a theme is activated

Step 3: Click on Actice button to choose which theme you want to active.

When you edit a theme, you can also active (or deactive if this theme is activating) it.