Go to CMS > Pages. After that you can see all the existing CMS pages there with their Page Title, URL Key, Layout, Status, Date Created, Last Modified & Action.

Step 1: In Magage Pages page, Click Add New Page to add new cms page.

– First of all you will see Page Information in which you can set the following data:

  • Page Title: Enter the page name here, it must be simple & clear because it will appear in browser.
  • URL Key: Enter the page URL here, according to your preferences & if possible add keywords.
  • Store View: If you have multiple stores, this field allows you to select which store/stores the CMS page applies to. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple stores.
  • Status: Set enable to make page visible.

Step 2: Create & add content for the page from right side menu, click on the Content

Content Heading: Enter the title that you would like to visible on the page.

– Check the large content block after the content heading block. Create content & update the page related information there with HTML and CSS, according to your preferences.

– To access it, click the Show/Hide Editor button above the content box. With the editor you can easily insert photos, create links and tables, format your text.

Step 3: Set page layout, click on the Design from right side menu bar

  • Page Layout: This is the first section of the Design tab. The layout you set here will be the standard layout for your page. Select the number of columns in the drop down field that you would like to use in CMS page. ( 1 column: It means the content will be visible only on the page, 2 columns: It means the content will be visible in a large column with either a right or left sidebar, 3 columns: It means the content will be vissible in the center with a sidebar on both sides).
  • Layout Update XML: Use to update the displayed layout information.
  • Custom Design From/To: Set the dates your custom design will be active for. Click on the little icon next to the field in order to open a calendar.
  • Custom Theme: Select a previously created theme for your custom design.
  • Custom Layout: Pick the number of columns you would like here.
  • Custom Layout Update XML: Use XML in this field to customize your layout. Set CMS Home Pag.

Step 4: Add target keywords, click on Meta Data from right side menu.

  • Keywords: Enter the targeted keywords here.
  • Description: Enter the information that you want to appear in search results.

Step 5: After all this settings, save the page by clicking on Save Page or Save & Continue Edit.


To change CMS Home Page of a store, go to System > Configuration > Web > Default Pages – change page for CMS Home Page.

The Current Configuration Scope drop-down list in the upper left corner of the page enables you to select the hierarch level (website, store, store view) to which the configuration will be applied. To apply configuration settings at the global level (that is, for all your websites, stores, and store views), leave Default Config selected.

To change title of Homepage, go to CMS > Pages, edit page which you choose on above figure, and change Page title.