In this article, we will show you how to reduce loading time on your site?

1, WordPress Hosting
A good web host is crucial for your website speed. As our site became more popular, we simply outgrew our previous hosting company

2, Caching Plugin

Plugins like W3 Total Cache can be easily installed and will cache your WordPress posts and pages as static files. These static files are then served to users, reducing the processing load on the server. This can improve performance several hundred times for fairly static pages.

Read more about how to use W3 Total Cache plugin from this link.

3, Use a content Delivery Network (CDN)

Using a CDN can greatly reduce the loading time on your website. Offloading the search and delivery of images, javascript, css and theme files to a CDN is not only faster but also takes great load off your WordPress server’s own app stack. A CDN is the most effective if it is used in conjunction with a WordPress caching plugin such as W3TC, described above.

Amazon Cloudfront uses the Amazon S3 service to provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) functionality for your static files. A CDN is a service which caches your static files on numerous web servers around the world. It can provide faster download performance for your users no matter where they are. It’s recommended that you use Cloudfront in tandem with S3 and not only S3 alone; costs are not significantly different. MaxCDN is a pay-per-usage Content Delivery Network (CDN) similar to Amazon Cloudfront. Among the differences supported for Video-on-demand as well as “mirroring” (no uploading required) of files, you can upload them if you prefer.

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